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One of the things fibromyalgia brought me is an increasing sensibility to noise. Things have become so bad that I get massive headaches, worse than the ones sinusitis presents me with. Of course, with them, I also get photosensitivity and an urge to vomit. If this shit continues, I'll have to stay at home during the holidays and birthdays.

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Thanks to the help from the amazing Benjamin Hollon, this blog now has wide images. The CSS only applies to the post's first image, but it can be easily changed to apply to all the images in a post.


ETS2 screenshot ETS2 screenshot showing Santiago Bernabรฉu Stadium

One of the games I've been playing is Euro Truck Simulator 2. I played the Windows version under Proton for over a year, maybe over two years, and the performance was good, considering I don't have a dedicated GPU on my laptop. However, after the 1.45 or 1.46 version update, the game performance decreased severely and crashed frequently.

I posted about this on Mastodon, and someone mentioned that the Linux version had good performance. I'd had issues with the Linux version a few years ago but decided to try and see how it performed. Surprisingly, the performance was better than when the Windows port worked well with Proton for me.


Just minutes ago, I remembered a website where I used to have an account. I have no idea why I remembered it; it just sprung into my memory.

Logging in took me on a journey down memory lane. It was like opening a time capsule more than a decade after burring it. So many memories came back from those times long gone.

What a blast from the past.

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Writefreely only has a light theme. It's a good one, I admit. However, I prefer having a dark theme, and since I love the Tokyonight color scheme, I decided to implement it in this blog.


I've used the domain as my blog for over a decade. First, I used WordPress, but eventually, I migrated to the static site generator Hugo. As the years went by, I began publishing less often, and now I can go for more than six months without a new blog post. Things got worse around three and a half years ago with the fibromyalgia diagnosis โ€“ being in pain 24/7 really sucks the joy out of things.