💻 Plasma 6 minimal session

Plasma 6 screenshot Image from the KDE website. All rights reserved to the project

Plasma 6.0.0 was released recently and two minor releases, 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 are already out, too. If you're on Arch Linux and you want to try this desktop environment but prefer to have a minimal set of packages, I have a metapackage you can use as is or to build your own. You can get it at Codeberg or Github.

Both repositories have the PKGBUILD for building the package and the up-to-date binary package. Of course, you shouldn't blindly trust the binary package and are advised to build it yourself from the PKGBUILD. I only leave it there so I can quickly install it if I decide to reinstall Arch, and I don't want to spend a minute or so downloading the dependencies and building it.

PS: I have similar metapackages for GNOME and XFCE.

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