Preface: I was originally going to go on a rant but fell down a rabbit hole of looking at examples of older newspapers and instead this became more of an article/blog.

Like many other people focused on their privacy, I run Pi-hole at home to block advertising domains, among other annoyances, and personally make extensive use of Privacy Badger and NoScript. The Pi-hole alone has the effect whenever anyone of the household is out of the building and not connected to our home's wifi, they get the jarring experience of seeing a completely different version of the web, plastered with ads, most of which are animated and attention-grabbing. This is especially true in mobile apps.

There's been a lot of lip service given to the way the “old web” used to appear versus how things are now, so I'm not going to do more of that here. I think what a lot of us “web old-timers” maybe don't realize is that how the web looks now is actually pretty common and has its origins in the way newspapers and magazines were laid out in the past.


Hello everybody. My nick is Fennix, I'm an app breaker by day and night. I might make this a daily thing I might make this every few days I am not sure yet.

For today's rant I want to talk about libraries, their developers, and when not applying the Unix philosophy goes terribly wrong.

I'm going to talk about Log4J but I'm also going to talk about things like XXE and in general design choices that lead to headaches.