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2023 has been a huge year for me, for many lows in my career, as well as amazing highs. However I’ve always felt something missing, an urge left unscratched, so I’m making this post to plan out my 2024 personal projects and learnings that I want to undertake; a sort of “reflection journal” if you will.

Throughout 2024, I plan to revisit this post to reflect on what I’d like to achieve and how I’m tracking in achieving my goals. This will be followed up with a post detailing how everything is going, what my highlights have been and any potential blockers I’m facing. So, let’s begin with the goal setting!

In no particular order: – Publishing 2-3 articles on my security blog: I’m already in the draft stages of 1 post, however I got lazy and sort of lost interest. Once I can get that closed off, I have a feeling the rest will come more naturally and I should be able to achieve this quite comfortably. – Filling out my repo with content: Standing up my repo and filling it with content is a huge item on my list for the coming year. This will not only help my personal understanding of my security work but also give me something tangible I can use throughout my career. – Filling up my Wazuh instance with agents and directing logs to it via Syslog: Mid-2023 I stood up a Wazuh instance on my internal network, on a Raspberry Pi 4. Currently, I only have 1 agent connected to it and I don’t check it nearly as often as I should. Going forward, I want all computers to have agents installed, and gather logs from my IoT devices to ensure nothing dodgy is connecting to my network. On top of this, working on automations so I don’t have to check things manually will be a huge assist. Having an internal SIEM isn’t something I’ve stood up because I’m paranoid, rather it will help me gain skills across other platforms to help further my career. – Stick to a fitness plan: Looking after my health isn’t something that’s been top priority for me through my 20s, but with 30 fast approaching I’m starting to feel the repercussions of not taking it seriously. In 2024, I want to become much more disciplined with my health, going for runs, lifting weights and generally being more healthy so I’m around on this Earth for as long as possible.

Here’s to a prosperous 2024, for everyone! 🥂

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