“Psychomancer” and what it means

I call the universe in which I create my stories “Psychomancer”. It has been thusly named for 30 years, since I first read Simon's Necronomicon and starting consuming the works of HP Lovecraft and August Derleth.

This is a world where magick is real, but hidden. It's a world steeped in the Cthulhu Mythos, where the Dreamlands are real, where the Deep Ones dwell beneath the ocean, where Atlantis fell 15,000 years ago. But calling upon Outsiders is not the only magick available. All magick is but an artifice over a deeper manipulation of all things. It is a system to understand that which cannot be fully comprehended by a human mind. There are dimensions of reality both above and below our own and each has its own native life. We cannot see them as we have no word for, no concept of, the directions we would have to “look”. Some life in these other planes reach up or down to us while others are ignorant of anything but what it is in front of them. The fractal born machine elves inhabit a five dimensional reality, for instance, while living shadows peer up in envy from two. “Psychomancers” see the flow of the past into the future as a river in which all of reality sits and it has a preferred path. They can cause eddies, small redirections of current. They are workers of magick who sense and manipulate the subtle threads that connect all living and once-living things. Auras, the silver cords that bind us to them, the choices we make, our emotions and impulses, all impress themselves upon what we call reality as we move among the world, among the morass of remembered energies from past forms. Even the unthinking possess life as food is processed, textiles are created, ores are smelted, blending the experiences of the material into something new.

I will probably preface stories with “Psychomancer” in the name so you will know where they fall.