What am I doing?

I'd like to use this space to share decidedly un-“Info Sec” related works of fiction and poetry. I've been writing since I could write. I had a poem published in the school bulletin when I was in 1st grade. I love writing. I love thinking about what I am going to write. I'm not very good at it, though. I write run-on sentences all the time. I use too much repetition and alliteration. I write too much dialogue and not enough action. I make up words. I tend to write stream-of-consciousness but I'm not James Joyce or Caitlín R. Kiernan. I like to write what it feels like to be thinking the thoughts and experiencing the things happening. I like to be behind the characters eyes, watching it all unfold. I like happy or bittersweet endings which is ironic since I mostly write paranormal fiction and horror. I try to look at the positive side of monsters and nightmares and not take them at face value. I know humans are the real monsters. I know that last sentence is a tired trope. What if, when the ghoul was chasing you, you stopped to ask it what it wants? What if nobody had ever asked it that before? What if it became very quiet for a moment before saying, “I'd really like to kill you, stuff you in my pantry to let you settle for a few days, and then eat your remains. I mean, I would never eat you right away; fresh meat is awful on my stomach.” Would you then share that you have IBS and are lactose intolerant so you know what that's like sometimes? Maybe if you did, he'd decide to hang out with you instead of murder you. I believe in the Midian philosophy: there are no monsters, only intelligent animals fulfilling their function. It is society, laws, respect and its opposite, power that determine who is a monster and who is a citizen. Perhaps it's because I am a monster to so many. I'm transgender and pansexual which makes me an abomination in the eyes of a very vocal, very politically active, very angry, very irrational set of people. I've asked myself what I would do to be “normal” to be a cisgender, heterosexual human. I've asked myself many times. I would do anything. So, are there any objections to me using this space for paranormal fiction? Any at all? If so, I can go elsewhere, but I'm already paying Jerry about $13 a month for the Mastodon upkeep.