Frequently Asked Questions 2023-01-31

Can I use your article / content / code?

Yes, of course. Feel free to utilize all the videos and information I put out, especially any of my bad puns.

Will you speak at my tech / security event?

If I can make travel arrangements, absolutely. Can I have a sticker?

Will you be on my podcast?

Maybe. Just contact me with some questions you are interested in covering.

Can you introduce me to (famous person)?

If you really want to meet famous people, especially in the security industry, conferences are the way to go. I'm friendly, so feel free to say hi before or after my presentations at the many Bsides I plan on attendin.

Will you promote my thing?

I am not an influencer, but I might be willing to review it.

Will you invest in my company?

Not at this time.

Will you invest in my cat?

Now we're talking!

I have content I think you might like.

Best way to share it with me is by tagging me on Mastodon or messaging me.

How do I get an audience and followers like you?

I have gone by many names and have gone viral countless times on several platforms, and my secret formula is this.

1.) Be entertaining (puns) 2.) Quality content (puns) 3.) Engage (engaging puns) 4.) Be nice (nice puns) 5.) Timing (...sneaky puns)

What's the best programming language to learn first?

It's not the language as must as it is the math and logical thinking that helps. Analytical Geometry really goes a long way and Javascript is a nice, chaotic language to start with. Also, planning for evil and nasty input in your functions when you do program will make your life easier.