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#DroidFS is a handy little encrypted overlay filesystems tool for Android. It is a #Gocryptfs and #CryFS wrapper developed to use the ContentProvider API and does not require root. It also comes with a built-in viewer for encrypted media files and such.

You can store files in three types of location: ⭐️⁠Hidden containers (/data partition) ⭐️⁠Internal phone storage ⭐️⁠External sdcard storage* * (baring some limitations)

The 1.10.1 version of the app from F-droid works great on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (Pie, API 26), however I ran into crashing on my S20 (Android 12, API 31) so I loaded up 2.0.0-alpha2 which fixed those issues.

Overall I am pleased with the DroidFS app and the security checks out from the source code and my current non-root perspective, however, I do not believe there has been a formal audit as of yet so use with that in mind.

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