cyberlights – week 14/2024

A weekly shortlist of cyber security highlights.

The short summaries are AI generated and I only skim them! If something is wrong, please let me know!

Highlight 🔐 Microsoft could have prevented Chinese cloud email hack, US cyber report says security news – US report blames Microsoft, highlighting security culture issues and gaps in prevention. 🔐 Cyber review board blames cascading Microsoft failures for Chinese hack 🛹 Cyber Safety Review Board – Review of the Summer 2023 Microsoft Exchange Online Intrusion The report!

News For All

🔒 Google to delete billions of web browsing data records to resolve lawsuit privacy – Google settles landmark lawsuit by committing to delete or de-identify vast web browsing data records collected from users in Incognito mode.

📱 Google Patches Pixel Phone Zero-days After Exploitation by “Forensic Companies” security news

⚠️ The Human Element in Cybersecurity: Understanding Trust and Social Engineering social engineering – Cybersecurity hinges on human trust vulnerabilities with social engineering tactics exploiting such trust for malicious ends.

🛡️ PandaBuy data breach allegedly impacted +1.3M customers data breach – PandaBuy breached, threat actors announcing the breach and selling stolen data on a cybercrime forum.

🔒YUBICO Security Advisory YSA-2024-01 vulnerability – YubiKey Manager GUI < 1.2.6 on Windows may lead to privilege escalation if run as Administrator opening browser windows as Administrator, affecting FIDO features.

🦠 Bing ad posing as NordVPN aims to spread SecTopRAT malware malware – involving typosquatting and a malicious Dropbox link, leading to a RAT with advanced capabilities.

🔍 KI und Datenschutz: Eine kritische Betrachtung privacy – KI in Bezug auf Datenschutz, Diskriminierung und gesellschaftliche Auswirkungen.

🔐 Have I Been Pwned: SurveyLama got breached. data breach – including passwords

📱 Essential iPhone security tips to protect your private data. security news – Tips include staying updated, avoiding suspicious apps, managing email security, and handling threats like phishing and Pegasus spyware.

🕹️ Threat Actors Deliver Malware via YouTube Video Game Cracks malware

Some More, For the Curious

🔐 OWASP discloses a data breach data breach – OWASP discloses a data breach involving old member resumes due to misconfiguration of an old Wiki web server.

🛡️ HTTP/2 CONTINUATION frames can be utilized for DoS attacks vulnerability – multiple HTTP/2 implementations enable attackers to cause out-of-memory crashes, DoS attacks, and CPU resource exhaustion.

🔒 Schneier on Security – Ross Anderson security news – Tribute to influential cryptographer and security engineer, Ross Anderson.

🔧 Persistence – DLL Proxy Loading security research

🕵️ 5 ChatGPT Jailbreak Prompts Being Used By Cybercriminals security research – Cybercriminals using jailbreak prompts to bypass ChatGPT safety measures.

🥷 Adversaries are leveraging remote access tools now more than ever – here’s how to stop them cyber defense – policy, technical controls, DNS security, and EDR blocks.

🔓 From OneNote to RansomNote: An Ice Cold Intrusion security research – Threat actors exploited OneNote files, deploying IcedID, using Cobalt Strike, AnyDesk, and FileZilla for data exfiltration and ransomware deployment.

🔒 NVD Program Announcement security news – Growing backlog of vulnerabilities at NVD prompts prioritization, collaboration.

🪳 Earth Freybug Uses UNAPIMON for Unhooking Critical APIs malware – Earth Freybug (APT41) uses DLL hijacking and API unhooking to deploy malware UNAPIMON for defense evasion.

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