cyberlights – week 13/2024

A weekly shortlist of cyber security highlights.

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News For All

⚠️ Google's new AI search results promotes sites pushing malware, scams warning

👧 Florida enacts tough social media law barring children under 14 from holding accounts privacy – Florida law bars children under 14 from social media accounts, requires consent for 14-15 year olds, and mandates age verification for explicit sites. Critics argue privacy violations and censorship issues.

🍏 “MFA Fatigue” attack targets iPhone owners with endless password reset prompts cybercrime – Victims, overwhelmed by prompts, might unintentionally grant access or accidentally allow attackers in.

📈 Meta allegedly snooped on Snapchat via traffic decryption privacy – Meta allegedly using Onavo to intercept Snapchat data for commercial gain. Meta's actions included intercepting SSL traffic.

☎️ Telegram Offers Premium Subscription in Exchange for Using Your Number to Send OTPs privacy – Telegram offers free premium subscription to users in exchange for allowing their phone numbers to be used to send OTPs.

🤖 Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Synthetic Voices security research – OpenAI shares insights into small-scale preview of Voice Engine, highlighting potential risks.

⚖️ 25 years for Sam Bankman-Fried cybercrime – Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison and $11 billion judgment for crimes related to FTX.

⚛️ Sellafield nuclear waste dump faces prosecution over cybersecurity failures security news – Sellafield nuclear waste dump faces legal action over cybersecurity breaches, potential espionage and disruptive attacks.

APT31 put in a corner? 🏬 Justice Department indicts 7 accused in 14-year hack campaign by Chinese gov cybercrime 🌐 UK, New Zealand Accuse China of Cyberattacks on Government Entities cybercrime – Chinese hacktivist groups like APT31 are accused of spying. The countries have taken action by imposing sanctions on Chinese entities. ⛩️ Finland confirms APT31 hackers behind 2021 parliament breach cybercrime

Some More, For the Curious

⛓️💣 xz supply chain corner 💣⛓️ this is THE BIG ONE this week. When linux distros tell you to stop using their product, something is wrong... advisories timeline need to know summary in a pic all you can find in one link

🔒 Shostack + Friends Blog > The NVD Crisis security news – The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) is struggling and not issuing CVSS information to CVEs, causing concern for patch management. Recommendations include embracing cloud-native practices and automation to streamline patch deployment.

🔍 CPE Enrichment in VulnCheck NVD++ security news – NIST NVD faces delay in CVE analysis, VulnCheck launches NVD++ for community accessibility.

0️⃣ We’re All in this Together – A Year in Review of Zero-Days Exploited In-the-Wild in 2023 security research – Google Threat Analysis Group 🥸 Spyware and zero-day exploits increasingly go hand-in-hand, researchers find security research – Commercial spyware firms exploit 64% of zero-day mobile and browser vulnerabilities, targeting end-user devices for surveillance.

⚙️ ZenHammer: Rowhammer Attacks on AMD Zen security research – bit flips

🎣 Tycoon 2FA: an in-depth analysis of the latest version of the AiTM phishing kit security research – Sekoia uncovers Tycoon 2FA phishing kit, monitors infrastructure, and analyzes in-depth changes.

🔒 Double trouble for DNSSEC though the devil is in the details vulnerability – Two DNSSEC vulnerabilities are disclosed, KeyTrap and NSEC3-encloser, with KeyTrap posing a greater threat. Concerns are raised about MITRE's assessment of the severity of the vulnerabilities.

⚙️ Local Privilege Escalating my way to root through Apple macOS filesystems hacking writeup – CVE-2023-42931 in macOS involving filesystem mount options allows users to potentially escalate to root.

🚘 Zero days demonstrated at Pwn2Own 2024 security news – Google and Mozilla addressed zero-days discovered during Pwn2Own Vancouver 2024.

🌑 The Darkside of TheMoon security research – Black Lotus Labs at Lumen Technologies discovered a multi-year campaign targeting end-of-life routers and IoT devices using an updated version of TheMoon malware.

🔐 Cisco warns of password-spraying attacks targeting Secure Firewall devices warning

💰 Rewards for Justice – Reward Offer for Information on ALPHV BlackCat-linked Cyber Actors Targeting U.S. Critical Infrastructure cybercrime – Up to $10 million reward for info on ALPHV BlackCat ransomware targeting U.S. infrastructure

⚠️CISA Corner Sharepoint, Ivanti, Fortinet – Update your s***! Safari & macOS Cisco IOS and Access Points

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