cyberlights – week 11/2024

A weekly shortlist of cyber security highlights. While my intention is to pick news that everyone should know about, it still is what I think is significant, cool, fun... Most of the articles are in English, but some current warnings might be in German.

Highlights 🚸 Hackers are targeting a surprising group of people: young public school students Don't be afraid, but please be aware

🔑 Open Source Password Managers: Overview, Pros & Cons Use a password manager! Please!!!

For All

💁‍♀️ Microsoft says Windows 10 21H2 support is ending in June

✂ CISA forced to take two systems offline last month after Ivanti compromise

🎭 CEO of Data Privacy Company Founded Dozens of People-Search Firms

🎦 Airbnb is banning indoor security cameras

📷 Wi-Fi jamming to knock out cameras suspected in nine Minnesota burglaries

↔️ How to share sensitive files securely online

🎨 ASCII art elicits harmful responses from 5 major AI chatbots

👃 Hackers can read private AI-assistant chats even though they’re encrypted TL;DR sniffing traffic can be enough

👨‍🦯 British authorities have never detected a breach of ransomware sanctions — but is that good or bad news?

Incognito Corner My big one this week. Bad guys acting like bad guys. What a surprise! 💣 Incognito Market: The not-so-secure dark web drug marketplace ♟ Incognito Darknet Market Mass-Extorts Buyers, Sellers 💰 Millions in BTC, XMR possibly stolen after reports of darknet market ‘exit scam’

more, For the Curious

⏱ Risky Biz News: NIST NVD stopped enriching CVEs a month ago Recommending the main story of this weekly news summary

👩‍✈️ Microsoft’s Security Copilot Enters General Availability Scaaary! 😱

🧆 Misconfiguration Manager – knowledge base for Microsoft Configuration Manager tradecraft and hardening guidance

🧹 Using ChatGPT to Deobfuscate Malicious Scripts, (Wed, Mar 13th)

🎡 What a Cluster: Local Volumes Vulnerability in Kubernetes CVE-2023-5528 writeup

🦜 PixPirate: The Brazilian financial malware you can’t see

🧞 Security Flaws within ChatGPT Ecosystem Allowed Access to Accounts On Third-Party Websites and Sensitive Data

👨‍⚖️ On the new Dutch Intelligence and Security Law

👻 GhostRace – Exploiting and Mitigating Speculative Race Conditions

💹 RisePro stealer targets Github users in “gitgub” campaign

🤪 Real-time, privacy-preserving URL protection

🧦 The LockBit story: Why the ransomware affiliate model can turn takedowns into disruptions

🧵 The 2024 Sophos Threat Report: Cybercrime on Main Street

💼 Beware of the Messengers, Exploiting ActiveMQ Vulnerability Good read if you want to know a liitle more about “ActiveMQ”

⚙ AUTOATTACKER: A Large Language Model Guided System to Implement Automatic Cyber-attacks

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