4: SSO with SimpleLogin

Ever since Jitsi required signing into an account (from Google, Microsoft, or GitHub) in August 2023, things haven't been the same.

Techlore made a video about this situation when it happened in 2023.

There was suggestion that Jitsi (or any relatively wide spread used service, for that matter) that has never been capitalized on: using SimpleLogin as a single-sign on (SSO) service.

Taking a look at its documentation, this seems possible. However, I don't have experience deploying server software like this; so I can't say for sure how well this all works. However, everything else from SimpleLogin seems to be solid, as its work overall was good enough for Proton Tech to acquire SimpleLogin back in April 2022.

(Also SimpleLogin's documentation site needs to enable the option to change the UI color theme from light to dark — I know this is possible for MkDocs in almost every other instance of MkDocs I've encountered.)

I'm really hoping more services allow SSO via SimpleLogin, as I'd be ok with signing into Jitsi with SimpleLogin.