Revisiting the Four Roses, while listening in and occasionally watching the USWNT play The Netherlands in the Women's World Cup. Go USA! (They are down by one at the half, as I write this.)

This will be a bottle kill. A more generous pour than I usually go for, but it was nearly empty.

My cold is mostly gone, but the flavors haven't changed much. I'm detecting a hint of anise or licorice on the nose—maybe it's the astringency. There's a hint of it in the back third of the sip, as well.

I've some chocolate covered bing cherries to go with the whisky and they complement it well. Having a sip just after the cherries accentuates some pipe tobacco and sweetness.

Overall, I like the whisky and would certainly have some if offered or if I received a bottle as a gift. It's not the best I've ever had. This is about $60/bottle, so I'd prefer picking up a Penelope Toasted, an Eagle Rare, or even a Kirkland BiB.

Uffda! -ath0