I'm finally on the other side of a cold. A couple of days were no good. Minor coughing today and a little sinus drainage, but most certainly on the mend. I wish for a drink, while a pizza is in the oven.

I have a dram of Four Roses Small Batch Select. It's non-chill filtered and is 104 proof. There is a wee string on the label, 331SFA2, which could be a lot identifier. (The 'S' could be a '5'. I needed more light to see for sure, but I'm largely indifferent to be sussed to get the needed lumens.)

I won the bottle in a bourbon raffle. Bottled lightening! (The Weller's Antique 107 was a pleasant discovery and will be another post.)

Without ice, the first sip is a bit harsh and hot. I usually add an ice cube to these higher proofs. I smell some cinnamon and fruit, maybe pear? Some caramel, too.

The heat hits at different places at different times through the sip. It hits the back of the palate and works its way forward. I taste some caramel and cinnamon.

I've been to several whisky tastings and during one with reps from Penelope, I learned non-chill filtered will leave behind some elements to a whisky that chill-filtered will remove. It changes the mouth feel. The feel on this one starts smooth and slightly more viscous than other spirits. I then feel velvet and the sip slips into a slightly rougher cloth.

Continuing on, I also taste butter. I'm reminded of Kerry Gold. I can still pick out some cinnamon, but there are other spices I can't quite put a finger on. Not quite pepper. I feel compelled to say cardamom, but I don't think that's right either.

Perhaps the next dram on another day.

Uffda! -ath0