This evening is very pleasant and a fine end to a pleasant day. A bit on the warm side, but nowhere near has hot as it has been the past couple of weeks.

Sitting on the patio, I'm having a post-dinner dram of Red Line Elements Amburana Small Batch ( I picked it up for $60 from a local joint. They have several brick and mortar locations, offering a wide variety of whiskies and wine, along with smaller selections of beers, cheeses, and chocolates.

This is my second bottle and I'm a fan. The 103 proof warrants an ice cube or two and requires an “easing in” to get the bouquet—spicy caramel apple pie. That's my summation of the experience. I love it!

There's cinnamon and cloves. Hints of orange.

This offering is non-chill filtered and having learned more about the implications, I can pick out how it is not as 'thin' as Irish or Scottish whiskies.

Some neighborhood deer are in my backyard now, checking me out. The doe is chomping on some honeysuckle, which I would love to have eaten to the roots. One of the two fawns keeps laying down and neither seem very interested in eating. Maybe they're not quite old enough to have been weaned.

With this being my 3rd post, I'm probably not in any danger of creating a run on Red Line Elements Amburana Small Batch, but if you find it—it's limited to a couple of handfuls of states in distribution—and give it a go, please let me know what you think.

Uffda! -ath0