Quest for a Constructed Language

(0002 – P)

Well, this quest started due to my weird obsession with hidden messages. Yes, I do use invisible ink, and I also use coded messages in my notes. I also accidentally code my messages, though. I sometimes write like I read, dropping words and letting context clues fill the blanks.

While I love the idea of encryption, I also love the idea of hiding in plain sight. Similar to number stations. We all know their radio bands, but what they are sending.. is still being determined. My current drive to create something is from the idea of number stations, and I am making something hidden but also open to the public. It's a fantastic idea in my mind, and this is akin to an art project.

So where am I now with this? Well, I'm creating words per se, and I'm basing it on Chinese or Japanese in the way the symbols can both be read and mean something. Well, about that being “read,” my goal is not being able to be read. A, their arere's no sounds. But how can it be read then? While I am no music major, I considered attributing words to notes or chords in sequence. This way, an innocuous music or song in a YouTube video can be a secret message to worship Satan and make blood sacrifices suddenly.

But, for now, this is more of a shower thought as I need to play with a test run of these. Which I already am in secret. As it's still a dumb idea.