Hello World!

I'm not fully sure on the direction of this blog but supposed a few things I might try would be longer format posts. With specific topics such as: tech or just my personal life. I might even cross link stuff to the other “blog” I got which is a WordPress as it's free there too. Also it gives me some leeway to post stuff that can be frowned upon elsewhere.

Also a major thing to note. Unless it's an important post, there won't be a spell check. I will go over them a later date but a spell check won't be used unless it's an important one.

For my posts I'll probs have a selected nunbering order and tags.

The tags are...

G which is for General topics P which is for Personal topics T which is for Tech topics D which is for Doodles G which is for Gaming A which is for Investigation topics Y which is for Spooky topics N which is for NSFW topics K which is for (short)Stories F which is for Old posts


Well it's like these. Something that lacks a real topic.


Something related to my personal life. Yes I know bad idea for opsec.


Tech topics which be anything from me reviewing something or me posting stupid code. Also tryhackme and hack the box stuff are included


These are doodles or drawings.


Well surprise surprise I'm a gamer. So you might see some clips.


Investigation topics are going to be light. Solely because these stuff will normally take time but these are light skimming.


While I ain't schizo I do see shit on occasion so I thought of posting them here. These are converted from my journals though.


I doubt I'll post a nsfw topic. But it might be short story that is nsfw.


These will rarely be new but often just retyped up short stories I did from highschool or younger.


These are just old posts from elsewhere.

How the tags?

The system just might be the 2nd line will have the (number) – (tag) so for example (0687 – YNDF)

(0001 – G)