Inspiration from Conferences and Other Information Outlets

This is my first post on here, but I hope to use this tool as good practice for my end goal of writing a 2600 article. This post is going to just briefly touch on some inspiration behind what is motivating me to work towards the goal I just mentioned.

The next two months are quite busy in relation to security conferences. I attended BSides Harrisburg last weekend, PancakesCON is this upcoming weekend, and next month I am going to be attending SecureWorld. As a result of attending these conferences and continuing to read things like 2600 magazine, I found myself motivated to try and contribute where I can. This will help the security community by being another source of knowledge as well as help me better articulate my writing and thought process.

A subject that I haven't seemed to see much light on is data driven defenses and prioritization for Blue Teams. By learning and understanding things like the exploit-response cycle and risk misalignment, security teams can better manage their environment vulnerabilities and create action items based on tangible data. My goal of my brief article is going to help describe this for people and what we as defenders can do by utilizing more than just a high rated CVSS score.

After I wrote this I realized that I never made a whoami post on here. I will write one in a different blog post. Cheers! ^–^